Never to Die Makes it to Game Chef 2010 finals


I’m really stoked about Never to Die making it to this year’s Game Chef finals. I’ve had plenty of goes at writing & designing games in the past, and was fortunate enough to be asked to contribute to Dead of Night, 2nd Edition by Andrew kenrick, but this has been┬ámy first go at appealing to a mass market with a game of my own creation.

Game Chef is an annual contest open to all where the goal is to write a completely new game within a limited amount of time, using some of the ‘ingredients’ provided. This year’s ingredients were City, Desert, Edge and Skin, with an overall theme of Journey. The game I designed in response to this portrays a typical night out for a bunch of lads in any British city on a Friday/Saturday night, so it has a lot of┬ámature themes & tones, but as seen by immature men.

All that’s needed now is for lots of people to play the game…